Archiving Rental Payments

Better Organization - Now You Can File Away Payments

We just added the ability to archive payments - as time goes on, your Payment History will start to appear rather cluttered, especially if you have your date range filter to set to "All".  Now, though, you can file away these payments and essentially hide them from the main payment history view.  We call it "archiving".  Everything about the payment stays the same, it is just flagged into a different list - the "Archived Payments" page.

The toolbar now contains a link to this page, where all archived payments will reside.


To actually archive a payment, make sure you're on the main Payment History page first - the page you normally visit to see your recorded payments. You'll now notice at the bottom of this page there are two new buttons - Archive and Delete.



To do an archive, first you must select (check the box) one or more payments.  Then click the Archive button.  The entries you've selected will now appear on the archive page.  To un-archive them, go to the Archived Payments page, select the checkbox for the payment, and click Unarchive.

The new red Delete button allows you to delete more than one payment at a time.  You can still use the red X button next to each payment to delete a single one - this just gives you a way to delete more than one without having to click all those X's!